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Refractory Services
We have delivered industry-leading refractory services for three decades. Our team of 700 specialists and supervisors include refractory team members who average 12 years in craft experience and attained the API-936 certification.
industry-leading specialty refractory services

Refractory Installation For Over A Quarter Century

Brand Energy & Infrastructure Services provides clients with unmatched refractory installation services and brings to the table more than 34 years of refractory installation experience through our subsidiary, Industrial Specialists, L.L.C. Our 600-plus expert refractory services specialists and supervisors have an average of 15 years of craft experience and API Standard 936 Certification (Refractory Installation Quality Control-Inspection and Testing Monolithic Refractory Linings and Materials). Our refractory expertise spans all phases of refractory construction, including refinery turnarounds, major revamps, refinery maintenance and new construction projects..

Brand consistently delivers successful and safe refractory projects, ranging from 500 to 100,000-plus man-hours, through planning, quick response and thorough cost control. Our refractory services’ experience and reputation are exemplified by the astounding more than 50 FCCU refractory projects that we have successfully completed in the past six years. Beyond our FCCU experience, Brand also has superior capability in servicing Reformers, Hydrocrackers, Crude Units, Thermal Reactors, Sulfur Recovery Units and Boiler units.

Our Refractory Services Include:

  • - Demolition of Existing Linings
  • - Surface Preparation
  • - Anchor System Welding
  • - Pneumatic “Gunited” Linings
  • - Vibration Cast Linings
  • - Rammed Linings
  • - Pre-Fabricated Shapes
  • - Ceramic Fiber Linings (Blanket & Modules)
  • - Shop and Field Installation
  • - Comprehensive QA/QC Program