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Safety Industrial Services
Industrial Specialty Services (ISS) is a market leader in providing bolt torqueing/tensioning, field machining, line isolation, weld testing, hot-tapping, line stopping and leak sealing solutions.
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Industrial Specialty Services (ISS) provides value through safe, smart and reliable integrated services and solutions such as:

Service Offerings:

  • - Hydraulic Bolt Torqueing/Tensioning
  • - Line Stopping
  • - Leak Sealing
  • - Engineered Composite Repairs
  • - Flange Joint Integrity Management


  • - Hot Tapping
  • - Field Machining
  • - Line Isolation/Weld testing
  • - Carpentry Services

ISS employs the best skilled craftsmen in the industry, who are specialists within their respective lines of service. The recent acquisition of EA Services Gulf Coast Division allows us to continue to focus on customer satisfaction and provide a broader spectrum of safe, technically sound and high quality on-site service offerings. Our trained service technicians have the experience and know-how to handle the most demanding jobs, safely, competently and on-time.

ISS is headquartered in Louisiana / Texas, but provides service throughout the United States, Canada, South America, over-seas and to the offshore market. Other markets include refining, chemical, petrochemical, power, paper mills and sub-sea. Call us for any of your specialty service needs, you will experience the safest and most productive solutions in the industry.

Service Portfolio

Hot Tapping/Line Stopping

  • - Available in size ranges 1/2”-60” diameter tap   sizes and a boring bar stroke (reach) of over   110”.
    - Available off the shelf for up to 1480 psig
      maximum operating pressure and temperatures
      as high as 700° F. Custom designs and pack-
      ers offered for higher system requirements.
    - Power driven with pneumatic, single or dual
      hydraulic motor drives featuring a new level of
      sophistication and dependability. TM004
      Tapping Machines 1/2”- 6” Taps available with
      12”, 18”, 24” and 30” Travel EA Services has a
      full range of Hot Tapping and Line Stopping
    - Offers cutter and pilot repairs with high speed
      steel and/or carbide materials.
    - A custom design of complete High-Pressure
      Pipe Plugging System for the temporary block-
      age of pipelines and pipe systems when isola-
      tion is not an option. Our standard system is
      designed for 1000 PSIG and 100° F differen-
      tial across the plugging head. The “Pivoting
      Head” is the product of decades of expert
      design enhancement and refinement.


Technical Bolting/Tensioning

Torque, Tensioning and Stud
Removal Features:

- Hydraulic torque wrenches
- All stud sizes
- Heavy hex sizes
- Socket & low clearance link
- Tensioning Tools
- Nut splitting and metal disintegration
- Stud removal services

Component Integrity
Management Systems:

- Cost saving pre-planning
- Critical flange management
- Data storage/management
- Insure quality
- Mitigate/minimize risk

Field Machining

Pipe Cutting and Beveling Features:
- Any wall thickness
- All materials machined: carbon, stainless steel,   chrome, P91, exotic alloys
- Counter boring, taper boring, schedule
- Standard bevels, compound bevels, J bevels,
  special configurations
- Valves, elbows, tees and other components
- Minimal radial & axial clearance needed
- Innovative solutions to unique challenges

Boring Features:
- Line boring
- Hole boring in headers for weldolets and tube   stubs
- Boring of nozzles in vessels
- Buckets, loaders & other articulated   equipment
- Valves, pumps and rotating equipment.
- Tolerances & surface finishes achieved

Milling Features:
- Milling of pump & motor bases
- Milling of exchanger partitious
- Milling of keyways in shafts
- Milling of access doors
- Tight tolerances & exact surface finishes

Shaft and Journal Turning Features:
- Shaft and journals up to 32 inch diameter
- O-ring grooves
- Re-establish journal bearing surfaces
- Out-of-round gear seats on shaft
- Re-size shaft ends
- Minimal disassembly
- No need for shaft to rotate
- Tight tolerances & exact surface finishes

Flange-facing Features:
- Flanges up to and above 120”
- All types, flat, raised face, RTJ and
  clamp-type flanges
- Portable O.D. and I.D. mount machines

Line Isolation and Weld Testing

- Full complement of line isolation and weld
  testing equipment designed to service lines
  from 3/4” to 36” in diameter and larger
- Innovative solution to prevent back   pressure buildup.
- Flange weld testing (straddling the weld   with a seal on each side).
- Allows the client to create a safe work   environmental, reduce the volume of
  water and time associated with
  conventional hydro-testing and therefore,
  reducing cost.

Leak Sealing Services

  • - Full complement of solutions for addressing   leaks .
  • - Custom solutions for a flange connection
  • - Custom wrap to address an area of piping   (elbow or other configuration)
  • - Custom leak sealing solutions to address the   size, temperature, pressure and chemistry of   the leaking product.
  • - Exclusive agreement for the application of a   Polyurea coating system to re-enforce   structural stability in pipelines and other       structures.
  • - Reduces time, money and mitigates the   Nassociated environmental and health risks.

Component Integrity
Management Systems

ISS personnel can provide a process of incorporating all aspects of a flange joint connection into a data base that is used as a controlled management tool to insure proper verification of all materials, bolts, gaskets, flanges, etc. and to document the proper bolt load calculations, bolting procedures and patterns to be used as well as flange alignment, calibration of equipment with sign-off approvals at each key interval in the process.