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Corrosion Protection Industrial Services
With a decade of experience in providing superior turnkey ‘Corrosion Under Insulation’ (CUI) management solutions, we are experts in reducing client investment costs through increased productivity and reduced overhead costs.

Delivering Single Source Corrosion Protection Solutions

With the addition of Protherm to the Brand family, we now provide our clients the combination of more than 10 years of experience in delivering turnkey Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) Management solutions. As a leader in providing integrated specialty service solutions, Brand has the expertise and experience to unite the necessary services that are required to provide clients a successful CUI Management Program that delivers significant cost savings.

Backed by an extensive multi-skilled workforce and cross trained supervision, Brand is able to reduce client’s investment costs by increasing productivity and reducing overhead costs. As a part of our proactive approach to CUI management, we employ 35+ NACE trained and certified coatings inspectors. Our specialists have advanced training in CUI identification and mitigation and are trained on work practices for in-service equipment. Brand leverages its CUI management experience and multi-service expertise to build partnerships with its clients to exceed the goals of their CUI Management Program.

Our Service Offerings Include:
  • - Scaffolding
  • - Containment
  • - Insulation Removal/Installation
  • - Asbestos Abatement
  • - Lead Abatement
  • - Surface Preparation
  • - Coatings/TSA
  • - Inspection/Integrity Surveys