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Abrasive Blasting Industrial Services
We remain at the forefront of providing unique and innovative surface preparation solutions: environmentally friendly robotic blasting services improve labor efficiency and safety.

Optimum Capabilities in Abrasive Services

As an innovative provider of abrasive blasting services, Brand Energy & Infrastructure Services offers our clients more than 70 years of experience. The result is award-winning safety, quality and cost effective options to assist clients in achieving their objectives. Brand’s pool of highly skilled personnel consists of over 1,700 specialists and supervisors. Our training program ensures that we provide customers highly-skilled professionals, including NCCER certified craft, all of whom are supported by over 35 NACE trained and certified inspectors. The Brand team delivers over 3.4MM labor hours annually, utilizing our proven Quality Systems Program. Brand leverages our experience, along with a successful track record to ensure that all of our clients surface preparation requirements are met and their expectations are exceeded. Brand remains at the forefront of technological advancement in abrasive blasting with innovative equipment and service solutions. Our advanced robotic blasting machines are environmentally friendly and feature ergonomic designs that provide for safer operator interaction. This is just one example of our commitment to providing clients outstanding service solutions.

Brand Offers The Following Expert Abrasive Blasting Services:

  • - Robotic Blasting
  • - Water Washing
  • - Water Jetting and UHP
  • - High Frequency Induction Stripping
  • - Mineral Abrasive Blasting

Dust Free Robotic Blasting Solutions

Brand offers our innovative dust-free robotic surface preparation services to industrial markets throughout the United States. Our method of robotic blasting for surface preparation is environmentally friendly, technologically advanced, ergonomically designed for better operator interaction and much safer than traditional abrasive blasting methods.

We utilize both horizontal and vertical machines for abrasive blasting that are designed to reduce the noise and self contain the dust and debris normally associated with abrasive blasting operations. With our environment blasting systems dust and debris is safely collected in the units’ dust collection system, reducing and sometimes eliminating the release of airborne particles into the atmosphere. This process of abrasive blasting is particularly effective when managing debris from lead containing coatings. As the debris is self contained, many of the potential health and environmental risks associated with handling lead containing materials are averted. Our machines use steel abrasive blast media which also eliminates the hazards associated with silica and the potential for silicosis. With our robotic abrasive blasting units, blast media is recyclable for multiple uses and thus has a substantially smaller impact on the environment.

Where applicable, we also utilize advanced High Frequency Induction Stripping units that require no abrasive media for the preparation of surfaces. This unit uses electromagnetic impulses to briefly heat the coating/substrate bond interface to a temperature typically around 200–300 °F, neutralizing the coating’s adhesion. The abrasive blasting machine then prepares the surface and clean dry strips of coating are removed by hand and placed in suitable containers for disposal.

Brand is proud to be leading the market in providing environmentally safe and responsible work practices and is committed to adding safety and labor efficiencies to our portfolio of services. All of our robotic blasting units create a safer working environment for operators and directly result in time/cost savings as multiple service lines can be scheduled simultaneously in the same work area. This significant technological competitive advantage in the surface preparation and coatings market segment allows us to more effectively provide our customers meaningful integrated service solutions.

Robotic Surface Preparation Unit Information
Horizontal Machines
Our most widely used machine is our horizontal unit, which is ideal for use on horizontal concrete and steel surfaces of storage tanks. This robotic blasting unit can be disassembled and passed through a 24" tank opening to reach areas normally inaccessible to other machines. It is electrically-powered, self-propelled and offers variable travel speed control to provide a consistent blast pattern.

Horizontal Machines

Production Rates:
Near White: SSPC – SP10:
2,000 – 3,000 Sq. Ft./Day
Commercial Blast: SSPC – SP6:
3,000 – 3,500 Sq. Ft./Day

Vertical Machines
Our vertical robotic blast units are designed to clean and profile large vertical steel surfaces for applications such as storage tanks and ship hulls. These electrically powered machines are suspended by a crane or winch and operate vertically. Vertical machines are operated by remote control from a mobile control station.
Vertical Machines

Production Rates:
Near White: SSPC – SP10:
1,500 – 2,000 Sq. Ft./Day
Commercial Blast: SSPC – SP6:
2,000 – 2,500 Sq. Ft./Day

High Frequency Induction Stripping Unit
Our High Frequency Induction Stripping Unit is the most advanced industrial surface preparation tool in the global market. Its’ use of electromagnetic impulses completely replaces the need for using traditional blasting media. Utilizing this innovative technique, we are able to reach a staggering 99% of the surface, even on vertical surfaces. This process is ideal for thick glass fiber reinforced coatings.

High Frequency Induction Stripping Unit

Production Rates:
SSPC – SP10: 3,000 – 5,000 Sq. Ft./Day
(Complete Removal Production Rates Only)

Robotic Blasting Applications
  • - Tank Roofs
  • - Tank Floors
  • - Tank Interior Walls
  • - Tank Exterior Walls
  • - Ships and Vessels
  • - Fiberglass Removal (High Frequency Induction Stripping)

Features & Benefits
  • - Environmentally responsible “dust free” surface preparation process
  • - Safely and efficiently manages debris from lead containing materials
  • - Modular design provides accessibility (Horizontal Machines)
  • - Allows other work to continue simultaneously
  • - Replaces conventional open blasting, reducing exposure risks to workers
  • - Reduces labor requirements
  • - Can run grit for angular profile of steel for coating adhesion
  • - Delivers uniform clean surface with reduced cleanup time
  • - Reduced cleanup time means shorter surface exposure time to the elements
  • - High productivity rates
  • - Reduced disposal requirements
  • - Reduced square footage costs
  • - Dust collection system can stay stationary at up to 600 feet away
  • - Short wheel base for uneven floors and tank bottoms
  • - Floating seal system around mouth for uneven
  • - Uses no abrasive, water or blasting media (High Frequency Induction Machine)
  • - No dust collection required (High Frequency Induction Machine)